Pianos on state

would you like to paint a piano? click here to submit your idea for consideration for pianos on state 2019! apply now!

A favorite event in Santa Barbara, Pianos on State is a collaborative and interactive musical experience that takes place Downtown each October. In 2019, Pianos on State will take place October 21- november 7.

For the project, local artists and anyone who would like to submit a design, are invited to transform pianos into unique, interactive works of art. The pianos will be displayed on designated pads along State Street for the public to play. download the guidelines here.

As a public art program, this is an opportunity for emerging and professional artists alike to showcase their work through a unique project. Artists are selected through a competitive design submission process and panel.

this program represents a collaboration between the santa barbara bowl, City of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative, Santa Barbara Downtown Organization and Santa Barbara Education Foundation.

Each piano becomes its own piece of art as the artists create unique looks at the Community Arts Workshop. Pianos will be available for musical exploration, impromptu play, and planned performances morning, afternoon, and evening.

artists and organizations that designed the pianos for 2018:

Aviel Hyman | Mahina Martinson | Ariana Meyers | Jack Mohr
Amanda Phillips | Melody Rose | Lanny Sherwin | Richard Stokes
Art From Scrap | Santa Barbara Public Library Central Branch
The Arts Fund | Youth Interactive

For more information about how you can support Pianos on State, please visit http://www.pianosonstate.com/