Jardin de las Granadas

The Jardin de las Granadas is located at 21 E Anapamu St, Santa Barbara, CA.

learn more about the exhibition 1925 by Kym Cochran and Jonathan Smith, currently on view.

In the initial planning of the Jardin de las Granadas project, the Santa Barbara City Redevelopment Agency met with a group that included local merchants, gallery owners, and representatives from the Downtown Organization, the Granada Center for the Performing Arts, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and staff from the Granada Garage, Arts Commission, and City Arts Advisory to get input on the design.

The group recommended among other things, an open green space enhanced by the inclusion of areas (foundations) for the temporary display of public sculptures to further enhance the Cultural Arts District.

The Jardin de las Granadas includes 4 sculpture pads designed to provide anchoring points for the temporary display of sculpture. Additional lighting and electrical outlets were also included in support of sculpture exhibitions.