Douglas Lochner

Tiny library artist

(image of douglas^^)

“I strive to create art that touches people on a primal level, exploring universal themes that circumvent the limitations of language and culture.”

-Douglas Lochner, sculptor

about douglas lochner

Douglas Lochner is an American Artist who is lead by innovation and a passion to discover new ways of sculpting using a variety of materials like wood, glass, metal, software, and etc. His works are known for inspiring awe in the way he can master materials and invent new processes that push the boundary of reason. He has worked with a number of designing and engineering companies like NASA, Apple, and UCLA to create new and innovative systems. Lochner has worked in public parks, museums, and airports for his public works. His vast knowledge and unique creativity is the reason why his ideas for the tiny library projects were selected over a number of other amazing artists.

(small images of douglas)

the tiny library project

The universal symbols of punctuation marks that ascend language and culture barriers was Lochner’s idea for the tiny library project. Building off his ideals of connectivity through universal symbols, Lochner sculpted a variety of punctuation marks like a hashtag, an exclamation mark, a question mark, etc for the Santa Barbara community to interact with and encourage reading. Lochner partnered with the Santa Barbara County Office for Arts and Culture to create these public works.

(images of his tiny library sculptures)