Community Arts Enrichment (CAE) Grants are intended to support artists, arts, and cultural organizations by funding projects and a variety of activities that enrich the lives of residents in communities throughout Santa Barbara County.

The CAE Grant Programs have been in place since 2012, when the Grants program was developed through a partnership with the County Arts Commission and Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation. As part of the lease agreement with the County of Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara Bowl has created an arts subsidy fund with fifty cents per ticket sold, (up to $50,000) at the Bowl going to fund arts programming countywide.

Since the initial grant cycle, over 100 organizations have received funding and significant progress has been made in identifying and expanding resources and opportunities that have increased access to arts countywide. CAE Grant funding has served as a catalyst for greater community engagement in the arts and culture of our region, particularly in under-served communities. The Arts Commission aims to maximize the impact of the funds generated from this agreement by leveraging them to attract private funding support, volunteerism, and increase community engagement. This partnership with the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation allows the Arts Commission to reach and serve small rural communities and other areas of the County that currently have little or no access to art and cultural activities.

CAE funds may be used to support new or innovative projects and joint/collaborative efforts that leverage community resources, provide greater and more diverse participation in the arts, and integrate the arts into learning environments for children and young adults. Artists or arts organizations applying must be based in Santa Barbara County and provide services to Santa Barbara County residents.

The Arts Commission’s goal is that CAE Grant funds will increase community engagement and leverage additional funding and community support. Grant proposals that build beneficial partnerships and collaborations to help eliminate current barriers to cultural activities— such as access to transportation, materials, artists, music, and art instruction to rural youth and under-served communities are encouraged.


Deadlines for online submission:  April 30th and October 1*
*The application must be submitted on-line by the deadline.  No late applications will be accepted.

Grant Requests Range: $500 to $5,000


The grant applications will be reviewed by a panel made up of County Arts Commissioners.

Applications will be judged on the following criteria:
timeliness of event/program/activity
impact on community
number of participants affected
fiscal responsibility
partnerships/collaborations/innovation and overall need for proposed project.

Grant applicants will be notified within 45 days of the grant application deadline.

Grant period is up to one year and a final report is required to receive the final 10% payment.

Artists or arts organizations may submit up to two Community Enrichment Grant applications during the calendar year.  Artists or arts organizations need to be based in Santa Barbara County and provide services to Santa Barbara County residents. Artists or arts organizations awarded CAE grant funds may not apply again in the next grant cycle.