state of the art gallery exhibition - 2018 sculptures

Michael Irwin.jpg


Hammerhead is meant to symbolize springtime as a season of growth and renewal. The steel sculpture alludes to the Spring Hain Renewal Ceremony of the Selk’nam tribe of Tierra del Fuego. The sculpture will be installed in its original state as a bare steel frame; this spring, artist Michael Irwin will wrap with the body with local pampas grass to revive it with life and movement.

California Love Locks.jpg

california love locks

California Love Locks speaks to the European tradition of immortalizing love by adding personal locks to a community space. The sculpture is an eight-foot-tall chain-link fence segment in the shape of California. The community is asked to add their love locks to the surface, creating a unique topography of stories, brass and nickel. Locating locks in locations on the fence segment that would be points of interest in the map of the state of California. 

Public Flag Pole.jpg

public flag pole

Public Flag Pole extends an invitation to the public to text artist Patrick Melroy a suggestion for a flag. Patrick will sew the selected flag designs and invite the designing participant and all community members to meet at the pole and raise the flag. On a weekly basis, new flags will be ceremoniously raised and lowered in the traditions of various cultures from around the world.

Leaves of Grass.jpg

leaves of grass

At 8 feet tall, Leaves of Grass "grows" out of the brick sidewalk and move slightly in the wind. The shiny statues catch the light and challenge the public to question their ideas about nature and our relationship with the environment. The title references poet Walt Whitman’s collection Leaves of Grass, where he celebrated the individualism and egalitarianism in a single blade of grass. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 7.17.15 PM.png

story-catcher mailbox

Story-Catcher Mailbox is constructed as a response to the Thomas Fire and Flood Disasters to offer a place for community members to process and share their stories of grief and praise, collectively. This installation allocates one side to Letters of Grief and another side for Letters of Praise or Gratitude. A weekly onsite series of public letter readings will offer a connective activity and a cathartic exercise for every writer, speaker and listener.

Daria Izad.png

permission to heal

Together with members of this community, Permission To Heal brings the material that has reshaped our community back into the center of it, providing a site and space for people to congregate and relate to events that have transformed both our lives and land. The superadobe structure will be present to relate to, touch, and process individually and collectively our experiences in recent months. The visceral earth work will be in the shape of the Venus of Willendorf. 

Nathan Snyder.JPG


In a time where our lives have become overwhelmed with uncertainty, Tesseract is meant to represent the common human experience of moving from chaos towards a state of order and serenity. The artist considers air and space as the sculpture’s materials, in addition to the stainless steel. 

Luis Velazquez.jpg

paper airplane

Paper Airplane, weighing in at just under one ton, will serve as a communal gathering place to speak to the whimsical and absurd nature of life. The sculpture is installed with hope that the sight will bring smiles to people’s faces as they contemplate both the realism and surrealism of our built environment, and the way we occupy it.