County Arts Commission

Celebrating 40 years on March 25! Join us!

The Santa Barbara County Arts Commission is a 15-member body appointed by the Board of Supervisors to act as coordinator and catalyst, bringing government, artists, and public together for the cultural benefit of all. The Arts Commission has several important functions, including: making recommendations for the Percent for the Arts program, which establishes public art throughout the county; serving on grant panels for the County Arts Enrichment awards; and helping to generate cultural arts policy for county constituents.

Arts Commission meetings are open to the public and Commissioners welcome members of the public to join meetings and share ideas during the public comment period at the beginning of each meeting. 

Meeting Time:  2nd Wednesday of Each Month / Time:  1:30-3:00 PM / Location:  Rotating monthly between North and South County

Standing Committees:

Important Documents:

         Statement of Support for the NEA, NEH, IMLS

 Arts Commission Bylaws

 Agendas and Minutes

Arts Commissioners:

1st District
Michael Allen, 1st District (Sept. 2017).jpg
Mary Harris, 1st District (Sept. 2017).jpg

duncan wright

Michael Allen

Mary Harris, Vice chair

2nd District

Dante Sigismondi, 2nd District (Sept. 2017).jpg
Mariko Tabar, 2nd District (Sept. 2017).jpg
Dug Uyesaka, 2nd District (Sept. 2017).jpg

Dante Sigismondi

Mariko Tabar

Dug Uyesaka

3rd District

Samuel Duarte, 3rd District (Sept. 2017).jpg
Kim Yusada, Third District
Stacey Otte-Demangate, 3rd District (Sept. 2017).jpg

Samuel Duarte

kim yasuda

Stacey Otte-Demangate

4th District

Becky Corey (D4).jpg
Amber Benedetti

Robin Hampton

becky corey

amber benedetti

5th District

Dennis Smitherman, 5th District (Sept. 2017).jpg
Doug Jenzen, 5th District (Sept. 2017).jpg
Angel Hoyos, 5th District (Sept. 2017).jpg

Dennis Smitherman, Chair

Doug Jenzen

Angel Hoyos