Barry Berkus and Family Art Collection

Noted Santa Barbara architect, philanthropist, and art collector Barry Berkus generously donated a 43-work collection of over 60 artists framing the evolution of the local contemporary art scene over the past three decades. The gift includes paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, mixed-media works, prints, collages, ceramics, and digital media art that he and his wife Gail purchased from local and regional artists starting in the 1970s. A portion of the collection is exhibited to the public every other year with the goal of making art familiar and accessible for the community of Santa Barbara County. Includes artists include Dane Goodman, Ginny Brush, Nell Campbell, Wayne McCall, and countless others.

Berkus Art_081_Pg79_Plate54_Puccinelli.jpg

anne and Walon Green Collection: works by Channing Peake

Channing Peake (1910-1989) was a California Cubist Painter and Muralist who was born in Marshall, Colorado. At an early age, he moved to California where he became an early proponent of Modernism as he attended the California School of Arts and Crafts and the Santa Barbara School of Fine Arts. He traveled and worked in Mexico, Central America, and Europe, and was friends with notable artists Diego Rivera, Pablo Picasso and Francoise Gilot. Channing Peake's own work is distinguished by his strong, abstracted shapes and bold use of blacks, red and blues. His works have been found in several institutions including the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the California Legion of Honor in San Francisco as well as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In 2012, the collection of Channing Peake paintings in the Collections of the County of Santa Barbara were graciously gifted by Anne and Walon Green as a way to continue the artistic culture, heritage, and legacy that came with the presence of Channing Peake in Santa Barbara County.

Channing Peake_Aquatic Rhythm.jpg

Colin Campbell Cooper Collection

Colin Campbell Cooper, Jr. (1856–1937) was an American Impressionist painter, perhaps most renowned for his architectural paintings, especially of skyscrapers in New York City, Philadelphia, and Chicago. He enrolled in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and studied under the great and then-controversial Thomas Eakins. He would later travel extensively across Europe, but Cooper moved to Santa Barbara, California in January 1921. Santa Barbara would be his home base for the rest of his life, though he would spend two years in northern Europe and Tunisia. He went on to become Dean of Painting at the Santa Barbara Community School of Arts.

cccooper-Lily Pond, Balboa Park.jpg

Ray Strong Collection

Ray Stanford Strong (1905–2006) was an American painter from Corvallis, Oregon. Strong identified as an artist from a young age, painting landscape and murals as well as writing poetry. His landscapes are among the best representations of the California coast and Oregon. As a founding member of the Oak Group, Strong influenced an entire generation of painters in Santa Barbara County.

Ray Strong_Force Gone Wild (GOO).jpg