Announcing Runaway by SPORTS: a Pop-Up Installation at Cachuma Lake

Runaway is an innovative pavilion created by Greg Corso and Molly Hunker of the award-winning design and architecture collaborative, SPORTS. “Runaway” is on loan from the Museum of Contemporary Art- Santa Barbara and on display at the Cachuma Lake Recreation Area through the end of the year.

 The incredible combination of nature and contemporary art!

The incredible combination of nature and contemporary art!

Comprising three bright, building block parts that can be configured in multiple orientations, Runaway responds to the vivid light, ephemeral shimmer, and colorful skyscapes of Santa Barbara. In this way, the modular structure seeks new ways of connecting visitors to the natural landscape – and each other.

By contributing bold, contemporary design to Santa Barbara - destination steeped in California Mission Style architecture and culture - Runaway serves as an aesthetic catalyst and central hub for contemporary public arts programming.

This installation is sponsored by the Santa Barbara County Parks and with support from the County Community Services Department, the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara and the Big Red Crane Company.