Events & Festivals Committee

the community events and festivals committee was established in 1988 by resolution no. 88-128 to replace the community promotion review committee:

  • To advise the City Council on issues related to the promotion of the community.
  • To review proposals and make recommendations to the City Council for Community Promotion Events funding.
  • To review proposals for major off-season festivals and make recommendations to the City Council for funding.
  • To evaluate funded major off-season festivals and community events through event attendance.
  • To make an annual report and evaluation to City Council on the previous year's funding for community promotion events and major, off-season festivals.
  • To develop a point system to be used as criteria in making granting recommendations to the City Council.
  • To attend designated quarterly meetings and special meetings.
  • To oversee coordination of events whenever possible with retail organizations, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Conference and Visitor's Bureau.

The Events & Festivals Committee meets quarterly (or as needed/requested) in Room 15 at Santa Barbara City Hall located at 735 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA.

All members of the public are invited to join the conversation during the public comment period.



City Council Liaison, Mayor Cathy Murillo